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Waterproof Ride-On Exercise Sheet
Waterproof Ride-On Exercise Sheet
Waterproof Ride-On Exercise Sheet

Waterproof Ride-On Exercise Sheet

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British Dressage exercise sheet rule legal! 

Our highly innovative Ride-On Exercise Sheet is the first in the world to combine a contoured Saddle Cover with an exercise sheet. It has been designed so that it is anchored securely in place with a slip-resistant outer material for optimum performance.

It is ideal for warming-up in before a competition to ensure your saddle stays dry and does not become slippery before you enter the arena for competition. It is also perfect for schooling at home in wet conditions!

Our Summer Weight is highly breathable and lined with a light weight, black, loose weave airflow netting to aid temperature regulation. It is ideal for those unexpected showers!

Our Winter Weight is lined with a highly breathable, black, faux sheepskin for optimum insulation to aid muscle warm-up and cool-down during the colder months and aid performance.

Our Ride - On Exercise Sheet features:

  • BD Legal
  • Contoured over saddle
  • D-ring straps to anchor the sheet (also loop around numnah straps)
  • Elasticated knee rolls to 'hug' the front of the saddle
  • Elasticated around the bottom of the cantle for a secure fit
  • Piping around the top of the cantle to add structure and aid stability
  • Slip-resistant waterproof outer material
  • Breathable outer material
  • Faux sheepskin lining under saddle to protect your saddle during use
  • Stirrups are free to hang down beneath the rug
  • Fully enclosed tail flap for use in windy conditions
  • Oversized tail flap allows for tail carriage
  • Fillet string
  • Extra tail loop for use in windy conditions
  • High quality, heavy weight binding
  • Machine washable